Only Growing?

Was watching porn with the girl next door

Heard she said no but I wanted more

Said she hadn’t done it before, I swear she swore

A claim in dark contrast with the dress she wore

A claim we both forgot when we started on the floor

And then to the bed where she finally won the war


He pleaded but I doubt I can recall

What it means to be forgiving

Or why we need to be forgiven

So I hit him with all of my gall

And when the blood rolled from his sides

I felt no remorse; all I had were questions


They say they love me and I swear I don’t know what they mean

All I know are my dreams and that I’m a vagabond teen

I make more enemies than friends; friends I’ve never seen

I’m in an emotional sewer and I doubt I can ever come out clean

And I heard them say cleanliness is next to godliness

So maybe the virtue after cleanliness is total mess

(Because I don’t understand how quickly purity can turn filth

Or how a desert could suddenly become a tilth)


Or maybe I do


But I’m not sure


Many have eyes but they do not see

And those who see would rather look away

Many have ears but they do not hear

And the few who have heard have kept silent

I may look too hard but I don’t ever see

Because I’m becoming who I don’t want to be


But papa says I’m only growing


And I wonder how.


About Iwundu Wisdom

Iwundu Wisdom is an avid believer in going against the norm and the concept of never giving up. He loves to reflect and represent the most natural circumstances in his narrative. His roving persona occasionally graces the notion of the great disparity of individual achievement in relation to environment, and so he thinks...and thinks. When he's not staring at the blinking cursor, he's pulling at the strings of a guitar. Or just sitting and thinking about this yawning gape called life.
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